The Gift of Presence

Josh Becker:

A Life Worth Waking Up For

Joshua Becker:

The weight of our possessions

The 20 Toy Rule

Sarah Mae via Becoming Minimalist:

20 toys sounds like a lot… or maybe it doesn’t. But you’d be surprised at how many things children can accumulate. I was shocked when we began moving towards 20 toys each. We don’t spoil our children and I already had been pretty strict about the toy situation. But when I sat with my son in his room that day, I had to face the fact that we had allowed in too much stuff.

I feel like that we are in exactly the same place. Christmas, birthdays, hand-me-downs, it’s all so much. Maybe the kids don’t feel as overwhelmed as I do when I walk into their rooms, but maybe they do. Maybe 20 toys is a good place to start…

How Writing Has Changed Me

Joshua Becker:

Writing has provided opportunity to refine opinions. Dawson Trotman once said, “Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through the lips and the fingertips.” He was right. Writing has required me to both understand and articulate my opinions. It has forced me to research my assumptions, defend them, and change when necessary.

Joshua Becker and his blog becomingminimalist have provided me a lot of inspiration in the last couple of months. I look forward to his new book coming out later this year.