❂ Apple Watches and More

My thoughts on today’s Apple Event.

Apple TV

  • It’s encouraging that HBO doesn’t think they need cable providers anymore. This is the future. Fortunately for HBO, they don’t have to deal with those pesky blackout issues.
  • Why didn’t they upgrade the hardware instead of lowering the price? Will a $30 savings result in that many more new customers?


  • I love Apple Pay and often choose a store based on whether they accept it. It works every time without a problem. Square needs to make it available to the small guys that I love to support.
  • I hope CarPlay gets a lot more love from developers. I thought seriously about buying a CarPlay radio when I replaced the radio in my new car. It just seemed like a lot of money to spend on a product that wasn’t quite ready for prime time (according to most reviews).
  • Medical Research. Wow. Open Source. Wow.

New 12″ MacBook

  • So thin! This seems like the perfect mobile platform. I’m just not sure that I would like it to be my only computer.
  • Looking forward to trying the new keyboard.
  • Pleased that Apple continue’s to make the trackpad more useful. Very nice. I hope this technology comes to their Magic Trackpad soon.
  • I can’t hear the fan on my MacBook Pro. I hope the decision to get rid of it doesn’t effect reliability.
  • I’m surprised they didn’t include a cell phone radio in it. Seems like that’s the future.
  • Is Thunderbolt dead?
  • If I bought a new computer today? Definitely a new MacBook Pro 13″ with the upgraded specs.


  • A lot of money for something that gets me little new functionality… and of course, I would need two so I can send my heartbeat to my wife…
  • I would be so afraid I would break it while I’m at work. I need to wear $30 watches.
  • Best selling point for me? Being able to answer my phone anywhere in the house without keeping my phone near me.