Start Today!

Great advice from Joshua Becker on starting today. Don’t wait. Today.

But how? Here are some helpful ideas to get you started, right now, today:

  1. Make one small step
  2. Remind yourself of all the reasons to start right now.
  3. The next time you feel the urge, read a helpful article.
  4. Find external motivation.
  5. Set a reward for yourself.

The Gift of Presence

Josh Becker:

A Life Worth Waking Up For

Joshua Becker:

The weight of our possessions

The 20 Toy Rule

Sarah Mae via Becoming Minimalist:

20 toys sounds like a lot… or maybe it doesn’t. But you’d be surprised at how many things children can accumulate. I was shocked when we began moving towards 20 toys each. We don’t spoil our children and I already had been pretty strict about the toy situation. But when I sat with my son in his room that day, I had to face the fact that we had allowed in too much stuff.

I feel like that we are in exactly the same place. Christmas, birthdays, hand-me-downs, it’s all so much. Maybe the kids don’t feel as overwhelmed as I do when I walk into their rooms, but maybe they do. Maybe 20 toys is a good place to start…