rather than…

Erik Kim on his Blog:

  • Rather than contemplating on what new camera to buy or lens, just go out and shoot with what you already got. I’ve found the best cure to GAS is to just go out and shoot, as once you fall into the “flow” of shooting, you totally disregard what camera you’re shooting with.
  • Rather than wasting energy and time on camera review sites and rumor sites, instead look at great photography (Magnumphotos.com)
  • Rather than checking the likes/favorites/comments on your photos, print out your photos, figure out how to edit and sequence them, and possibly exhibit, publish, or print them as a book. Or figure out who you can donate or give a print to.
  • Rather than wondering what trip you can go to (in a foreign county) for street photography, figure out if there are some other areas close to where you life that you haven’t shot yet.