❂ 2019 Podcast Roundup

I love podcasts. I like listening while I am exercising, working outside and especially while driving. Although I am continually trying new podcasts, these are the ones I currently listen to the most.

The List

  • 99% Invisible – I love listening to Roman Mars and thinking about how we choose to design the world around us. High quality and I learn something every episode.
  • The Accidental Creative – Although I wouldn’t consider myself a creative, I really like Todd Henry’s continual focus on doing the work.
  • Accidental Tech Podcast – Listener since episode one! My favorite pundits talking about what’s going on in technology. Nothing beats a good John Siracusa critique.
  • The Art of Manliness – I listen to most episodes, but occasionally skip ones that don’t look interesting.
  • Criminal – Another podcast I have been following since the first episode. Not to be missed.
  • Derek Sivers Podcast – A recent addition. Very short episodes to make you think. Some of my favorite will be posted on this blog.
  • Focused – Started listening when they changed from Free Agents. Even bought their calendar.
  • Grace To You: Pulpit Podcast – The only religious podcast on the list. Very conservative and Biblically based. Thought provoking.
  • Invisible Office Hours – I am a fan of Paul Jarvis and many of his ideas on the world of work.
  • Order of Man – I skip lots of these episodes (All the "Ask Me Anythings" and most of the "Friday Field Notes"), but some of the interviews are fantastic.
  • Bregman Leadership Podcast – I add a lot of books to my "to read" list from here.
  • Under the Radar – The only other tech-based podcast I listen to. I am not an independant developer, but I can live vicariously though them.

The App

I have exclusively used Overcast to listen to podcasts since Version 1.0. Highly recommended. I usually listen at 1.5x speed with Smart Speed and Voice Boost enabled.

The Speakers

I most often listen on my truck stereo through Bluetooth. While mowing, I use and recommend 3M WorkTunes and while working out I use the Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headset.