Castle Rock

I struggle with taking pictures of iconic areas. The views are amazing, but then the photographs of them are even more amazing. Walk in one of the many galleries in Sedona and you will find mesmerizing photos of the well known landmarks. The images will be in the perfect light from the perfect angle with a unicorn rearing in the background. Why even bother?

I bother for several reasons. The landscape is aways changing and a photo from the past isn’t the same as today. I also enjoy the process. Even if all the photos from an outing never get shared, I will still have enjoyed my time in nature making images. And sometimes, I get a picture like today’s that I really like and haven’t seen in the gallery. My perspective.

I took this photograph last week at the Crescent Moon Picnic Site in Sedona, Arizona. I used a Nikon Z5 camera using a NIKKOR Z 24-70mm ƒ/3.2 S lens (1/125 sec at ƒ/3.5, ISO 100, 67mm). I edited the image in Adobe Lightroom.